Grow facility HVAC solutions for any setup.

We create total HVAC solutions for indoor agricultural and grow spaces with the most efficient and precise climate control available.

Rooftop Packaged Units

Learn about how we can help you find the optimal rooftop unit for your grow facility.

Split HVAC Systems

We offer flexible, facility-wide HVAC solutions for cultivation setups without rooftop access.

The cream of the indoor crop.

It’s not just that we offer the widest range of quality industrial grow facility HVAC products (though we do). We also offer the expertise to help you arrange the right environmental controls to transform any facility into a productive, high-yield indoor garden.

I’ve known these guys for years and love what they are doing. Without bias I can say the service they provide the industry is much needed.

- Jacob White
Chief Cultivation Officer
Reynold Greenleaf & Associates