Commercial grow room HVAC by the industry experts

We work hand in hand with you to ensure your commercial grow room HVAC system is perfectly configured to meet the needs of your space. Turn to Cultivation Air for customized heating, cooling and dehumidification systems that transform your environment so plants thrive.


Packaged Rooftop Units

Maximize your grow space with a simple, easy-to-maintain HVAC solution from Cultivation Air. All service and product support can be done outside the grow room—no need to suit up the HVAC tech.

Split Systems

Ideal for multi-level, complex facilities. Cultivation Air split systems are economical, ductless, and don’t require large holes to be cut through walls or roofs.

What does your grow need? We’ve got it.

HVAC products for any indoor gardening configuration, from trusted industry experts.

I’ve known these guys for years and love what they are doing. Without bias I can say the service they provide the industry is much needed.

- Jacob White
Chief Cultivation Officer
Reynold Greenleaf & Associates

Tech support is really critical with new equipment, and this team has been outstanding. Very available and informative.

- Heidi Vermillion
Project Management
Presidential Garden

We know indoor grows.

Your grow facility has unique HVAC needs. We’re here to help you cultivate the perfect environment.